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Thanksgiving Recipes



Hello there! I hope you’re doing well. Just so you know, I haven’t forgotten about my blog, in fact I really miss my little spot on the Internet. I still need to finish Grayson’s birth story-part two. I haven’t forgotten but it’s a work in progress..things take a lot longer to complete these days. I really love blogging and reading blogs, and will be back to doing it more frequently, soon.

Since I haven’t done much cooking lately I don’t have any new recipes to share but I thought I would at least link up what recipes I have that are for Thanksgiving or that would make a great addition to your Thanksgiving menu.

Main Dish

Slow Cooker Turkey Breast– This is great if you don’t need a full turkey or if you prefer white meat.

Mashed Potatoes

Traditional Stuffing

Sweet Potatoes


Dark Pumpkin Pie

Mini Apple Pies

Cherry Cream Pie

Pumpkin Roll

Homeade Pie Crust

Graham Cracker Crust

I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Born and raised in Southern Illinois. My journey has brought me to Louisville, Ky where I live with my architect husband, Jason and our little dog, Fonzie. We enjoy exploring our city and eating good food. I am happy to be able to share great recipes with you and snap some photos along the way. I sincerely hope you enjoy exploring my blog as much as I have enjoyed creating it!


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