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All the Bradford Pear Trees were in full bloom last week while we were out on a walk. It was 70 degrees and beautiful and yesterday it was lightly snowing. It’s been a less than normal winter. 

We eat a lot of chicken and I will be making this soon. 

Buried deep in the archives I’ve got some recipes that would be great for Easter. Check them out here, here and here.

I love to watch college basketball and the NCAA tournament starts today! I think Duke has a great shot at winning it all!!

Do we love certain foods as a result of when our birthday is? Check this out and see if it’s true for you. It was for me.

I’ve always liked the ampersand symbol (&), in fact I have a giant one hanging above my desk but I had no idea it was originally part of the alphabet.

I’m on the hunt for a new lip gloss. I usually reach for my tinted lip balm or a long wearing lip stick if I am more dressed up. However, it’s time to freshen things up and I think a light gloss in a pretty pink is what I need. Now to find exactly what I am looking for is the challenge.

I love nail polish..I haven’t painted my nails in over year though!! I was looking at polish while at Target and really loved some of the Essie spring shades

This bathroom redo is gorgeous! 


Born and raised in Southern Illinois. My journey has brought me to Louisville, Ky where I live with my architect husband, Jason and our little dog, Fonzie. We enjoy exploring our city and eating good food. I am happy to be able to share great recipes with you and snap some photos along the way. I sincerely hope you enjoy exploring my blog as much as I have enjoyed creating it!



  1. Rachel Lowery says:

    I feel sorry for all of the Bradford Pear trees. They are going to lose all of their beautiful blooms. I also love that bathroom remodel!!

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