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DIY Patio Table

I'm excited about today's post because it means my DIY patio table is done!!  In the early spring I saw a picture of a patio set and I loved the table and thought it would be useful for our patio area. It was around $200 and I thought that was pretty steep for this particular table. So what do I do next? Did a little research and after a few weeks I finally found what I wanted in an outdoor … [Read more...]

Chocolate Sheet Cake

Chocolate Sheet Cake- homemade chocolate sheet cake with from scratch chocolate frosting and topped with chopped nuts. I know chocolate sheet cake is kind of boring in the world of cakes...but I had to have the recipe that my grandma used on my blog. My grandma use to make chocolate sheet cakes for birthdays and get togethers at church. Chocolate Sheet Cakes are nostalgic for me. I use to get … [Read more...]

This & That

Happy Frriiiddaayyyyy! We have some fun outings to attend this weekend and the weather is going to be beautiful so I'm looking forward to that! The picture of Grayson and me is from February...where my baby still resembled a baby!! Since it's Mother's Day weekend I figured I'd share one of us. I got some flowers potted and our patio rug out so I'm trying to spruce up out small back patio. I … [Read more...]

Cream Cheese Frosting

I like to use my blog as my own personal recipe box and since every recipe box needs a cream cheese frosting recipe, I figured I needed to put this recipe on here. I used this cream cheese frosting recipe to make this cake and of course you can use it on your own cake recipes as well. Red Velvet cake is delicious with a tangy cream cheese frosting.  Do you remember those dunkaroo … [Read more...]

This & That

It's the first weekend in May which means it's the Kentucky Derby! I wish the weather was nicer...I mean will the sun ever shine again? Is the rain ever going to stop?!?!  If you're having a Derby Party then here's some food inspiration.  Some people seem to have all the luck! I just bought these cute measuring cups and I can't wait to use them! Buttler pantries make me … [Read more...]