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S’mores Cups

S'mores Cups-all your favorite s'mores ingredients but in bite size pieces and without the camp fire.  I'm sure I've made it known before, but I love s'mores. If there is s'mores dessert around I am going for that before anything else.  S'mores Cups was something I made for a few get togethers a really long time ago. Like, when Jason and I had only been married a year or two.We … [Read more...]

This & That

The butterfly exhibit at the zoo is really cool! You can't take strollers through and since I had to carry Grayson he wanted to grab the woman's backpack in front of us and play with the zipper and then all the flowers and the butterflies he wanted to grab. Which is a big NO, NO! It was still fun to walk through though though.  The new season of House of Cards is available on Netflix. We … [Read more...]

Sparkler Cupcakes

I can't believe I am sharing a 4th of July recipe, but it is less than a month away. I don't know how that's possible...July is also my baby's birthday month. I am about to have a one year old!! Excuse me while I go cry for a moment. Seriously, it's been a great year with Grayson and I'll just write a blog post on it because there's plenty to say. Back to the cupcakes, shall we? I doctored … [Read more...]

Boneless Grilled Chicken Breast

Boneless grilled chicken breast can be juicy and delicious every time with the right preparation and cooking techniques.  Without the proper preparation boneless grilled chicken breast can be very dry, bland and boring to eat. We eat a lot of grilled chicken, and especially now that it's grilled season there's no better way to cook it. A lot of people don't like leftovers but in our … [Read more...]

Chocolate Sheet Cake

Chocolate Sheet Cake- homemade chocolate sheet cake with from scratch chocolate frosting and topped with chopped nuts. I know chocolate sheet cake is kind of boring in the world of cakes...but I had to have the recipe that my grandma used on my blog. My grandma use to make chocolate sheet cakes for birthdays and get togethers at church. Chocolate Sheet Cakes are nostalgic for me. I use to get … [Read more...]