The Dish

I’m going to start a doing a weekly blog posts where I discuss a little bit of this and that. Like, what we are doing for the weekend or any good books I’ve read lately. Just some randomness I may feel like sharing.

To begin I feel like I should introduce you to my kitchen assistant. Actually he sleeps most of the time while I am in the kitchen but always knows to wake up while I’m slicing meat. He’s smart. His name is Fonzie and we have had him for over 5 years.


Jason’s parents are coming to visit us for the weekend so we will be entertaining them. I know that will involve eating somewhere yummy but we aren’t sure where that will be right now. I am confident that we will be taking them here for a doughnut though.

I want this, but I don’t need it. Yes, I do. Someone talk me out of it. It’s pricey!

There’s a big game happening soon and I think we will be enjoying this dip while watching it. 

Do you watch Parenthood? What is going to happen with Joel and Julia? I haven’t watched last night’s episode, yet, but I hope they solve their problems soon. I have faith that they will.

Have a great weekend!

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