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Hey, everyone! Today I am sharing my current  favorite moisturizers. Seeing that it has been a very cold winter we have been using our furnace and fire place much more than we did last winter and I am *almost* always cold nevertheless. For instance, at this very moment I have a heater fan right next to me. A blanket on my lap and I am sitting on a heating pad all in attempts to keep warm.  One may think that I would have very dry skin for as much as I expose myself to direct heat, and while my skin has been a little on the dry side  it actually is not that bad. However, I moisturize my skin very, very often. I use certain products during different times of the day and I feel that it helps to keep my skin from drying out. 

beautyproductsAll products but one are moisturizers and all opinions are my own. These products are things that have worked for me and my skin type.

1.  Jergens Shea Butter Lotion  is what I usually use after a shower. It doesn’t leave a greasy feel and absorbs quickly which is something I look for in a lotion. 

2. Amber Blush body spray  is my newest product. I haven’t bought a body spray from Bath and Body Works in a long time because I was kind of sick of the same scents. Now it seems they have several new scents that are worth trying. I actually had several picked out and narrowed it down to this one. In my opinion it’s a lighter version of the Sensual Amber scent but with a little sweet and fruity added in. Not too much sweet and fruity though.

3. True Blue Spa  super softening lotion is AHA-MAZING!  This lotion does cost more upfront but it lasts a long time and it only takes a little bit of product to moisturize your hands. I use this at night before I go to bed and my hands always look and feel better in the morning. 

4. True Blue Spa Shea Hand Cream is a lotion that I have two of. I keep one in my purse and the other in the kitchen. I wash dishes a lot and I try to remember to moisturize throughout the day after I have washed dishes or my hands. This lotion is not has thick as the previous one because it doesn’t have the paraffin. However, it does have the Shea butter which I tend to gravitate towards products that do.

5. Vaseline Original Lip Thearapy is so little and cute! It’s a baby version of the Vaseline petroleum jelly. I apply this several times throughout the day and definitely before bedtime. I also try to remember to wear some before I walk my dog since it’s been so cold and windy. I have to wear some kind of lip product ALL THE TIME. It’s a habit, My lip product collection is far from scant, especially cosmetic types, but this has been my “go to” for when I need a lip moisturizer. 

 I would love to know about your favorite moisturizers. Leave me a comment to let me know! 

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