The Move

Greetings! In case you’re wondering I didn’t quit blogging or fall off the face of the earth. However, my husband and I did move from Memphis, TN to Louisville, KY in a two week time span. As in, we decided we were moving on Monday the 17th of February  and  arrived to Louisville with a very,very full 26-ft. moving truck on March 1st.  That’s a bit under two weeks but we were pretty certain the move was going to happen on Valentine’s Day but we confirmed everything and my husband put in a two week notice with his employer on the 17th.

Why did we move? My husband was offered a great job in Louisville. He’s an architect and is working on becoming licensed. In addition to the job we are now closer to our hometown and both of our families. Aaannd, much much closer to Ikea and Trader Joe’s. Yes, the shopping was noted on our pros and cons list that we made when deciding to move or not. 

 We are loving the convenience of Louisville. Everything seems to be about 10 min away. The restaurants here are amazing. I have a list compiled of places we are going to visit and I’m afraid the list is only going to keep growing and growing the longer we are here. 

I am excited for a new kitchen to do all my baking in. I’m excited for new scenery and a new chapter in life. We lived in Memphis for 19 months. We have some great memories from there, we learned a lot of life lessons and my husband and I learned to depend on each other more than we ever had. I’m glad we have the memories and experiences from living there, but we never felt like we would live there long term. So, here’s to hoping that Louisville is the place we put down roots. 

I’ve missed blogging and will be getting back into a routine really soon. So, come back soon cause I’ve got a list of recipes that are going to be posted, soon! 

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