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Happy Friday!!

As you know March Madness is well underway and  there’s a BIG game going on tonight for University of Kentucky and University of Louisville fans. They are playing one another tonight in Indianapolis. Talk about an exciting time to be living in Louisville. The city is full of fans from both universities.! If you want to know who we are rooting for you can follow me on Instagram and I’ll post a picture of us wearing our new t-shirts. I hope my old lady soul can stay awake long enough to watch the entire game. It doesn’t start until 9:45 and that is late for me!


I know that winter is technically over, but I can’t help but crave this soup. I may have to make it one more time before fall.  My favorite cold weather foods are something I can only enjoy during cold weather. 

I’m not going to tell you how many times we have had Dairy Queen since we have lived in Louisville. Let’s just say we are making up for lost time from when we lived in Memphis and there were not any DQs near us. Not saying we never drove across the state line into Arkansas and got a DQ because we did it was just not very often. So, I’m happy to say that these ice cream treats are delicious and satisfying..and a fraction of the calories in our blizzards. 

I would earn mega points by my husband if I made this burger for him! 

I hope you have a great weekend! 

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