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Hey, everyone! It’s FRIDAY! Do you have fun plans for this weekend? We don’t have anything planned but I’m sure we will find something to do. Jason’s job is exploring the idea of flextime so he will be getting off at noon today and I expect there will be a Starbucks date this afternoon. There is a Starbucks really close to us that has a great outdoor patio seating arrangement. 

Speaking of bucks. Have you tried their refreshers?


I tried the Valencia Orange Refresher and it was pretty good. I usually get coffee but wanted to try it. I will order it again if I’m not in the mood for coffee. I would also agree that it is…refreshing!

Why not make your own refreshing summer drink at home with these recipes.

I am currently reading this and loving it! I would love to know any book recommendations that you have. I love a good book!

Do you wish you read more?  Then check out these tips.

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Have a great weekend!


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