The Dish

Happy Friday! 

Last weekend Jason and I went on a long walk and afterwards we both were craving popsicles. So, we went and bought some and I had to HAVE  a boom pop! I am not even sure why, because I never had an infatuation with them as a kid, but I just knew before we even got to the store that I had to have one. It was delicious and refreshing! 


You may have noticed a few changes we have made to the blog. These changes are nothing major but I hope it makes reading the posts a little easier. 

I love this quote!

I am about to finish this book. His books make me cry until my face hurts. Literally!

This book is the next one I am planning on reading.  If you have read it please let me know in the comments how you liked it. Or didn’t like it.

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Have a great weekend!




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