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Hey, guys! Just popping in to do a little chit-chat today. It’s a crazy busy day here with lots of baking going on. Tis’ the season, right?!? So, last night I watched “It’s a Wonderful Life” for the first time, ever!! It was really good and now I can sleep better knowing that is finnnallllyy marked off my list. 🙂

Speaking of list. Raise your hand if still have Christmas cards to order, fill and mail. HANDS RAISED HIGH RIGHT HERE!!! The Christmas cards are one of my very favorite things. I love it when we receive them and I love sending them off. Yet, somehow it always sneaks up on me. 

I love Christmas cards so much that in July I start checking them out online and getting ideas for our Christmas card. It’s like clockwork. Every July I get the greeting card bug, yet, ever year I am rushed on sending them out.

I really like the card designs that Minted has showcased on their site. Minted has card designs that have been designed by independent designers. Which means they have something to offer to everyone. They even offer FREE address printing, so if you’re like me and starting to feel like time is getting close to sending out your cards, well, let Minted address them for you and that’s one less thing that’s on your to-do list.


Here are a few of my favorite Christmas Photo Cards from the Minted site. There are sooo many to chose from though.

 I love the whimsical font that is used on this card and how the line from the “s” continues on over the photo.

 This adorable card doubles as an ornament. The stripes really jump out at me. I love stripes.

In this card, I love how this tree is made up from different shapes and I always drawn to anything that says “Joy.” There are three different color options for the tree that you can chose from. Green is one of my favorite colors.

 I have clicked on this card so many times over the last several weeks. I once again love the “joy” that’s in it. I also really love the elegance of this card! You could say I big puffy heart love this!

 I am very drawn to simple cards. I like the focal point to still be on the family photo itself. Afterall, there’s a lot that goes into getting the yearly family photo and it deserves to be showcased. This card has a fun and whimsical design and doesn’t take over the overall card.

Once the cards start coming in it’s fun to have a cute way to displaying the cards.

christmas card mobile

Image source

 Here’s a fun DIY option.

This is really cool if you’ve got the wall space.

This is another fun DIY project that I’d love to make and use for next year.

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