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I love reading these type of blog posts on various blogs and I have wanted to do these for a long timeand I am finally doing it. Starting now!

All the tv rave right now is This is Us Have you watched it? I watched it at the beginning of the season and I liked it but then I fell behind. I need to get caught up.

One of my favorite movies is being made into a musical. YESS!! I think this could be awesome and would love to see it one day-Read about it here.

I need to read more and want to read more but tend to not make it a priority. I’m currently reading this book. It’s an easy read and i’m enjoying it.

Plants–Everywhere I look I see them. Pinterest, Instagram, all over the web! I bought a couple on Election Day for my kitchen window and this past weekend just bought several more because they were deeply discounted at Home Depot. I’ll share more once I get them repotted. I’m excited about them cause I was really wanting some more.

We need a couple of clocks and I think this could be a fun one-Maybe annoying at times, too. lol!

I’d love to have one of these right now..Yumm!

This list is great…especially number 5!

Have a great week!

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