This & That

All the Bradford Pear Trees were in full bloom last week while we were out on a walk. It was 70 degrees and beautiful and yesterday it was lightly snowing. It’s been a less than normal winter. 

We eat a lot of chicken and I will be making this soon. 

Buried deep in the archives I’ve got some recipes that would be great for Easter. Check them out here, here and here.

I love to watch college basketball and the NCAA tournament starts today! I think Duke has a great shot at winning it all!!

Do we love certain foods as a result of when our birthday is? Check this out and see if it’s true for you. It was for me.

I’ve always liked the ampersand symbol (&), in fact I have a giant one hanging above my desk but I had no idea it was originally part of the alphabet.

I’m on the hunt for a new lip gloss. I usually reach for my tinted lip balm or a long wearing lip stick if I am more dressed up. However, it’s time to freshen things up and I think a light gloss in a pretty pink is what I need. Now to find exactly what I am looking for is the challenge.

I love nail polish..I haven’t painted my nails in over year though!! I was looking at polish while at Target and really loved some of the Essie spring shades

This bathroom redo is gorgeous! 


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