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Grayson had to go to the eye doctor this week and she said his eyes are perfect! They checked his eyes while he was in the hospital and this was a follow up appointment since he was a preemie. Not a preemie by much but still a preemie.

I started a new Bible study at church and this is what we are reading

These tote bags are beautiful!! 

I placed a large print order of some 4x6s that I took with my phone in 2016. I need to get them in a photo album. I’m a big advocate for getting pictures off your phone! I only ordered pictures that were taken before Grayson was born because after Grayson was born those pictures will be made into a photo book.

I’m in love with this patio!

How fun is this plant hanger?!?

We have a lot of projects we want to do or our in the process of doing and I enjoy reading tips like this

It’s almost strawberry time!! This is a great recipe for fresh strawberries. 

Have a great rest of the week!


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