The Dish

We got to spend last weekend in Louisville, KY visiting our friends and their sweet baby girl. We always enjoy visiting Louisville. The city is full of great restaurants and unique stores to shop at.  On Saturday we ate lunch here and I had the best chicken salad in the history of chicken salad.


After our meal the hubs and I shared a gelato but we came close to ordering some of these mini macarons instead. I don’t think we could have went wrong. 


On our way back home we stopped in Nashville for lunch. My husband’s co-worker recommended the San Antonio Taco Company and it was yummy. So now I’m recommending it to you. 


wpid-IMG_20140221_193431.jpgYou place your order by filling out an order form and handing it to the cashier. It was nice outside so we were able to eat on the patio and enjoy their delicious sweet tea. 

Have you been watching the Olympics?  We tend to eat ice cream while we watch. lol!

I’ll leave you with this sweetness! Have a great weekend. 


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