I hope you had a Happy Valentine’s Day! Every year I look forward to a special box of chocolates. My husband goes to the local candy shop and selects my favorites so there are no pieces that go uneaten! 

I used Kroger Clicklist for the first time last week. I loved it! It’s not something I would want to use every time I grocery shop but when it’s as cold as it was last week and the flu going around like crazy it was the perfect time for Grayson and me to try it. Look for it at you local Kroger.

I have a slight obsession with measuring cups and spoons and I think these need to be added to my stash!

I’ve also recently started using Amazon subscription services for little man’s diapers. Since we have Prime we get an additional amount off our diapers and I believe it to be the best price one can find. Plus, they’re delivered to our front door each month. WIN!!

Yes, I am a homebody! Not that I don’t love a walk through Target though.

I wish we would of had these to use while Grayson was in the NICU- especially the  the second to last one!

Looking for something fun to make for St.Patricks Day? I saw these and thought it’s probably not too early to share.

I will be making this dish soon. I know Jason will love it!




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