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Angel Food Cake

Angel Food Cake-A light, airy and delicately sweet sponge cake.  Easter is quickly approaching. Have you planned your menu, yet? If not, be sure to include this homemade Angel Food Cake. I love to make this Angel Food Cake and every spring, I call my aunt to get her recipe, because she makes the best Angel Food Cake. And the best chicken and dumplings,  OH EM GEE, they're so good! … [Read more...]

Easter Bark Popcorn

Easter Bark Popcorn- Popped popcorn, almond bark and candy chocolate pieces make up this delicious treat. Since Easter is a only nine days away I figured now is the time to share an Easter treat that I made. I love a good popcorn snack and one of my favorites to make is this one during Christmas. Easter candy is so pretty and I knew it would be fun to make an Easter snack with popcorn … [Read more...]