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Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs...You are probably going to be seeing these around this weekend or maybe even be making some to take to a brunch or dinner. I love deviled eggs and I use to make them a lot. I don't make them as often anymore since we don't live near family and don't pack as much food to family functions like we use to. Nonetheless a good deviled egg recipe is one everyone should have. As well as a … [Read more...]

Mint Julep Brownie Bites

Mint Julep Brownie Bites-Miniature chocolate brownies flavored with mint and a hint of bourbon. It's Derby week here in Louisville. We have lived here for almost 14 months and it didn't take very long to grasp how much of a big deal derby is. Some schools will not be in session, business will close early, or not open at all. I'm not talking about all week, but on Friday, wish is called … [Read more...]

Angel Food Cake

Angel Food Cake-A light, airy and delicately sweet sponge cake.  Easter is quickly approaching. Have you planned your menu, yet? If not, be sure to include this homemade Angel Food Cake. I love to make this Angel Food Cake and every spring, I call my aunt to get her recipe, because she makes the best Angel Food Cake. And the best chicken and dumplings,  OH EM GEE, they're so good! … [Read more...]

Easter Bark Popcorn

Easter Bark Popcorn- Popped popcorn, almond bark and candy chocolate pieces make up this delicious treat. Since Easter is a only nine days away I figured now is the time to share an Easter treat that I made. I love a good popcorn snack and one of my favorites to make is this one during Christmas. Easter candy is so pretty and I knew it would be fun to make an Easter snack with popcorn … [Read more...]

Banana Cake

Banana Cake- This is not your average cake recipe. This really is the BEST BANANA CAKE around. I originally shared today's recipe for banana cake on Rebecca's blog.  I have been making this cake for about 7 years now. Everyone loves it and will always ask me for the recipe.  I had some ripe bananas on the counter and rather than making this again I decided a cake sounded … [Read more...]