How to save problem photos using BeFunky

 Hey, friends! I’m so excited about today’s post. As you know, I love photography and have a great deal of experience in both taking pictures as well as editing them. I’ve played around with lots of editing softwares and enjoy doing so. I love having great quality images of my family and that’s one of the great things about being able to take your own pictures. Many mom friends, who have no desire of becoming a professional, have asked what a good camera would be good for capturing moments with their kids whether it be everyday moments, holidays or vacations. Editing software is always in our discussions as well and many people get deterred because of lack of knowledge of them or their expensive price tag.  However, BeFunky ‘s photos enhancer is a great alternative to pricey software and without the learning curve. 

BeFunky just released a set of four Enhance DLX effects that fix common photo problems in seconds. They work in one click and can be easily adjusted so the results are well balanced and not over-edited. I love how simple they’ve made it to fix exposure, add details, enhance colors and reduce image noise-all very common photograhy problems.

Anytime I get out my Canon I adjust the settings for the appropriate lighting I am in. However, there are times when a picture just needs a little bit of enhancing or maybe a total recover. Also, I may grab my camera to quickly capture a moment but didn’t have time to adjust my settings. There’s an example of that below.

BeFunky photo editor

This picture of our dog Fonzie needed a little bit of help. His eyes were dark and the details were lost. On the image I edited you can see the steps I took to get my photo to a desirable look. The HDR DLX was a total game changer for this image. 

Befunky collage maker

This picture of my husband reading to our son is one that needed a complete recover. I had my DSLR out from earlier that day and I wanted to quickly snap a picture before story time was over. I turned on my camera but the settings were set from the last picture I had taken earlier in the day so the picture was very dark. However, it’s a sweet picture of my family and I’d like to still have the image rather than deleting it. I have the steps listed as to what I did to recover the image. In the first picture you can’t see their faces or the title of the book but I was able to salvage it. However, since I brightened it up a lot there was a lot of noise so I’m glad the Denoise DLX feature was available to help reduce that and the Vibrant Colors DLX helped to really save this image. 

BeFunky photo editing tools

Grayson was playing where there was some great light coming in and I had plenty go time to adjust my settings. When your settings are correct in camera there’s usually not much editing that needs to be done. Although, it’s always great to bring out the colors and I brighten my son’s face as well and the Denoise DLX helped to make the image sharper by reducing the little but of noise that was in the picture. 

In addition to editing my photos, I also used BeFunky to make my collages for this post. You can use Befunky to help save your problems images, simply enhance an already great photo. Head over to BeFunky‘s photo enhancer and play around on their website. The enhance DLX effects does require a BeFunky Plus account ($4.95/month or $2.91/month if you sign up for an annual account), but you can preview any effect on your photos for free.

This is a sponsored posts with BeFunky, but all opinions are my own. 

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