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We made it to Friday!! WooHoo!! Last weekend we went to some art fairs and had dinner at our friend’s house so I hope to just stay home most of this weekend and be lazy!

 Here’s a recap of the recipes I shared this week:

Monday- Crispy French Toast which I highly recommend trying it out this weekend. It’s the PERFECT Saturday morning breakfast.

Tuesday-lemon orange ice cream this is one of my favorite treats in the summer! 

Thursday- blueberry swirl muffin and they are sprinkled with lemon-sugar, which is sooo good!

 Anyone else excited about this show? I am!!

I can’t believe how quickly summer is flying by. The 4th of July is only three weeks away, which means I have time to make this! Although, my Craft “to-do” list seems to be a mile long! I know I’m not the only one!! 🙂

I enjoy reading this blog! Her videos on youtube make me, lol!

 I would like to eat this for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Thank you!

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Enjoy the weekend!

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