Gibson’s Donuts {Memphis}

Happy Monday! I’m definitely sad that the weekend is over. Jason and I had a great, relaxing weekend. We watched a couple of movies, ate way too much yummy food and just enjoyed the time together. We FINALLY did something we have been talking about doing for about 3 months. We went to a local donut shop that we have been wanting to try. It doesn’t take much to excite us! We love donuts and have them infrequently. Although, now that we have experienced Gibson’s Donuts our donut “treat” might become more frequent! 🙂  If you are ever in Memphis I encourage you to make the trip to Gibson’s Donuts. They have a variety of donuts and are open 24 hours. 

IMG_20140111_124813I chose the chocolate long john with custard filling. That’s my most favorite donut in the history of donuts! Jason went with the maple bacon donut! I had a bite and it is pretty incredible!

IMG_20140111_12313814 - 120140111_122312Unfortunately, if you are staying in the downtown you will have to drive about 20 minutes east to go to Gibson’s donuts. However, it’s well worth the drive!

20140111_124049Next time I will be trying the red velvet donut. Honestly, I was a little overwhelmed by all the deliciousness staring at me so I just went with my trusty favorite but next time I’ll try something new. 

I hope you had an awesome weekend!



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