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Neapolitan Cake

Neapolitan cake is a delicious spin-off the well known ice cream flavor. It's baked in a 9x13 pan, which makes it incredibly easy and has all the tasty flavors you would expect to find in Neapolitan ice cream shine through in this cake. Not only is this cake delicious but it's also very easy to make. The base of the cake is white cake mix and the strawberry and cocoa flavors are … [Read more...]

Holy Cow Cake Recipe

Holy Cow Cake-Chocolate cake topped sweetened condensed milk and caramel sauce which is then topped with whipped topping and chopped butterfingers. Hence the name..Holy COW! I had to ask my mom to send me this Holy Cow Cake Recipe cause it had been years since I had this. She use to make this when we were younger but I don't think she's made it for probably 14 or 15 years. Which is way too … [Read more...]

Funfetti Cake

Funfetti Cake- From scratch funfetti cake with homemade butter cream frosting. Sprinkles are soo much fun!! How can you not smile while baking..or eating sprinkles They are so colorful and obviously they brighten a baked good very, very well. Funfetti cake is "the cake" for birthdays. It's too pretty not to be.  All the bright colors are so festive and celebratory.  Today … [Read more...]

Mocha Whoopie Pies

  I was having trouble deciding what to bake today. I flipped through a couple of random cookbooks hoping to find some inspiration to fill the baking itch I was having, but nothing piqued my interest. I contemplated some muffins but quickly decided against. Then, it was "well I can always make cookies or cupcakes but what flavor sounds good"? Another decision to make. Suddenly, I thought … [Read more...]