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Eggnog Donuts

Eggnog Donuts- Baked eggnog flavored donuts which are dipped in an eggnog glaze.  This is kind of embarrassing to admit since I am a self proclaimed "foodie," but I never tried eggnog until a couple of weeks ago....Sad, I know.  I was always afraid I wouldn't like it, but turns out I do like it. It tastes like melted ice cream. So, after my realization I knew I wanted to bake with … [Read more...]

Gibson’s Donuts {Memphis}

Happy Monday! I'm definitely sad that the weekend is over. Jason and I had a great, relaxing weekend. We watched a couple of movies, ate way too much yummy food and just enjoyed the time together. We FINALLY did something we have been talking about doing for about 3 months. We went to a local donut shop that we have been wanting to try. It doesn't take much to excite us! We love donuts and have … [Read more...]