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Welcome Baby Grayson-A Birth Story- part 3

Part 1 here Part 2 here Almost 24hours after Grayson was born I finally got to see and hold him. I had never been in a NICU before and the one Grayson was in holds around 130 babies and there were 130 babies in there. It's a very sad place. We washed our hands and put on our gown coverings and then Jason led the way to Grayson's "spot." He was one of many babies in a very large room on one … [Read more...]

Welcome Baby Grayson: A Birth Story-part 2

To read part 1 click here. Grayson was born 7.22.16| 4:24 p.m.| 5 lbs. 12 oz.| 19 in. long- 5 weeks and 1 day before his due date. Grayson was bigger than I anticipated. During my last two weeks of pregnancy his growth had slowed down and we were not sure how big he would be but we were both surprised.  Even though I was low on amniotic fluid, Grayson still managed to take a gulp of … [Read more...]

Welcome Baby Grayson: A Birth Story-part 1

I want to share Grayson's birth story but the storyteller in me considers it necessary to share details about my pregnancy and that will better explain why Grayson was born in the condition that he was in. In the beginning I had a healthy pregnancy. My blood pressure was great, my weight gain was within range, I passed my glucose test and Grayson always had a strong heartbeat. Of course there's … [Read more...]