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flowers in old tireflowers in an old tireflowers in an old tire

Happy Friday! My week is thrown off since we stayed in Illinois until 4:00 a.m. Tuesday morning…Jason had a work thing on Monday and we decided not to drive back Monday evening but we needed to leave early enough so he would be at work on Tuesday morning. Yeah, I think we are still recovering from that!

That’s my mother in law’s tire with the flowers in it that she has on their fence. I think it’s really cute! There’s already a bird nest in it.

Honestly, I enjoy cleaning and I love when everything is clean. So, I enjoyed this list.

YES to this! I love Amazon and I love grocery pick up!

Tips for the perfect dinner party.

Ummm…Is it weird that I kind of want this?

If I had read this sooner then I think I would have given it a try. I’ve got basil and parsley planted and I think that’s all I will be growing this summer. Still a neat idea.

Hope you have a great Memorial Day! 

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