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This is a picture from 2015 when we visited the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina. It was beautiful and this picture makes me eager for Spring and too all the pretty flowers in bloom.

I’m slowly getting caught up with This is Us but I know what has happened to one of the main characters already. A blogger I follow started discussing the show on FB without the friendly *Spoiler Alert* beforehand so that kind of stinks. 

I am also slowly making my way through Magnolia Story. It’s been great so far and it’s a super easy read. I only spend a few minutes before bed a couple of times a week.

I made a recipe for the blog last weekend. After I finished it I threw it in the trash. While I hate wasting food it just wasn’t what I was looking for and definitely not blog worthy. I’ll try it again though.

I’m on a mission to declutter our home this year. Really I started this about two years ago but only focused on our closets. I got rid of a ton of clothes and while there’s still a ton I plan on getting rid of, I have taken the purging adventure throughout the whole house. I’ve already gotten rid of a bunch of dishes, books and other knick knacks. I’m moving about it in a slow pace (because that’s my life currently) and I think it makes me think better about getting rid of stuff or not.

Do you have an instant pot? Am I the only one that isn’t intrigued by this? I’m sure if I used one I’d probably like it, but the idea of a pot roast being ready in an hour seems so odd and unappetizing. Although, I see recipes popping up everywhere so I’d say the food has to be delish.

I LOVE driving around and looking at homes and spend way too much time doing online home tours. With that said, my eyes are always drawn to the front door

I’m loving this dress for spring.

Grab your tissues!





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