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butterfly on flower

The butterfly exhibit at the zoo is really cool! You can’t take strollers through and since I had to carry Grayson he wanted to grab the woman’s backpack in front of us and play with the zipper and then all the flowers and the butterflies he wanted to grab. Which is a big NO, NO! It was still fun to walk through though though. 

The new season of House of Cards is available on Netflix. We haven’t started watching it, yet though. Honestly, I keep forgetting about it. 

I made some fun 4th of July cupcakes and shared this earlier this week. 

There will soon be a HomePod available from Apple. We’ve lightly discussed getting an Alexa or something in the past but never thought we would get the use out of it. However, we may need the HomePod to use with our other apple devices. 

I’d like to think I could live in a tiny house. I’d probably go crazy but they’re so cute!

We bought Grayson a baby pool. It’s been a little too cool to use it but I know he’s going to love it.

Speaking of pools…everyone needs a chocolate donut pool float! So cute! 

I need to do some research on what I should read next..Seems like there’s a lot of new books out that sound really good. 

Organization goals!!

Have a great weekend!

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