Barbecue little smokies

Barbecue little smokies- also known as lil’ smokies- are great as an appetizer and most popular during the holidays and for game days.  These cocktail smokies are already fully cooked so they only need to be heated through with the delicious barbecue sauce mixture.

slow cooker full of barbecue little smokies

What are the four easy ingredients to make little smokies

2  14oz. packages of Lit’l smokies -you can use any brand or variation of these.

barbecue sauce- store bought or homemade- I prefer sweet baby ray’s sauce

Worcestershire sauce

brown sugar

How to make barbecue little smokies

  • Combine sauce ingredients in a bowl
  • Add little smokies to the slow cooker– I like to use my small appetizer size for these
  • Pour sauce over little smokies and gently stir to completely cover
  • Set setting to either low for four hours or high for two hours

cocktail toothpick inserted in a barbecue little smokie

Tips for making barbecue little smokies

Little smokies are already fully cooked so you just need them to be heated through and the sauce to be warm and covering the little cocktail smokies.

Serve with toothpicks for easier serving

Switch the flavor combinations by using your favorite bbq sauce

Barbecue little smokies


  • 1 slow cooker


  • 2 14oz. Packages of little smokies
  • cups barbecue sauce
  • ½ cup brown sugar
  • 1 tsp Worcestershire sauce


  • In a medium bowl combine sauces and brown sugar and stir well
  • Open packages of little smokies and add to slow cooker
  • Pour sauce over the top and stir well to evenly coat
  • Cook on low for three hours or on high for two hours and stir a few times. After they little smokies are warmed all the way through reduce temperature to warm setting.


small white slow cooker full of barbecue little smokiesTo keep with the theme of appetizer foods-try this chocolate chip dip for a fun dessert option.


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