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Upside-down Apple Cake

Upside-Down Apple Cake- Sliced apple layered on top of brown sugar, pecans and melted butter with cake batter poured on top of the apples.  Here's my first official fall  recipe for the fall baking season. Fall baking....  I feel as if it is a momentous occasion. It's like a holiday although there's not an exact date for it. I LOVE when the stores start stocking the … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Mini Cake Doughnuts

  I *think* this will be my last "Valentine's Day" recipe. I can't make any promises though. These mini doughnuts can be made anytime but I chose to decorate mine with my Valentine's sprinkles. Maybe it's because I had about three containers of sprinkles devoted to the said holiday. Okay, it was six. I promise I emptied a few of them though so now I really do have three!  These … [Read more...]

Praline Bundt Cake

One of my favorite cookies to make during Christmas requires a butter flavored cake mix. I usually buy a couple of boxes in November to have on hand for when I decide to make the cookies. However, I mistakenly bought a yellow cake mix and it has been in our cabinet since. Last week I decided I needed to use it but didn't want to make the cake itself. I flipped through some cookbooks and found a … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Roll

I have always wanted to make a pumpkin cake roll. It has been one of those recipes that always stands out while  looking for a great Thanksgiving dessert. Honestly, though,  I was afraid I couldn't make one. I always envisioned "rolling" the cake while it crumbled everywhere and that I would have to turn it into a punch bowl cake.  However, I couldn't have been more wrong. Making a … [Read more...]

Mocha Whoopie Pies

  I was having trouble deciding what to bake today. I flipped through a couple of random cookbooks hoping to find some inspiration to fill the baking itch I was having, but nothing piqued my interest. I contemplated some muffins but quickly decided against. Then, it was "well I can always make cookies or cupcakes but what flavor sounds good"? Another decision to make. Suddenly, I thought … [Read more...]