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Mocha Whoopie Pies

0101   I was having trouble deciding what to bake today. I flipped through a couple of random cookbooks hoping to find some inspiration to fill the baking itch I was having, but nothing piqued my interest. I contemplated some muffins but quickly decided against. Then, it was “well I can always make cookies or cupcakes but what flavor sounds good”? Another decision to make. Suddenly, I thought about having the best of both worlds, ya know, having my cake and eating it too. 😉 A WHOOPIE PIE! It’s soft and “cakey” which fits the cupcake part and it has filling which which is like the icing on the cupcake, but it’s sandwiched together like certain cookies. I thought it sounded great and it did not disappoint. 03  There are so many flavor variants that can be used to make whoopie pies. As I was baking these I was thinking about all the possibilities. So, expect to see lots more if these on the blog. The “coffee” flavor in these is not very strong. In fact, I may add another tablespoon the next time I make these. The buttercream filling was the perfect choice to go with these. 02 Don’t forget the milk! 04What are your favorite whoopie pie flavors?  

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